Featured Gripe

Featured Gripe

As I write this, I am flabbergasted.  I love exotic cars and have owned dozens of them over my years as a car collector and lover of the world’s best automobiles.

I was especially eager to buy a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia, which I did. Read More…

A Place for Ferrari Owners to Share Their Experiences

This site is a forum for owners of Ferraris to post, share, discuss and, perhaps, resolve any issues they have with Ferrari concerning service under Ferrari new or used car warranties.

In addition, the forum will allow owners to rate dealer service departments for quality of customer service and warranty repairs.

Please limit your posts to factual, non-derogatory discussions. The posts are moderated. By posting, you are agreeing to our terms of service.

If you’ve had a great experience, we want to hear about that also. We want to hear your Ferrari warranty service story.

Where needed, we encourage you to share documents, pictures or other materials that can support or better clarify your warranty issue or repair.

The site is not affliated with Ferrari in any way and is designed to be a place where Ferrari owners can share experiences with one another about Ferrari warranty service and about the performance of various dealerships.

Although the owner of the site is an avid fan of Ferrari’s cars, he did not have a positive experience with the company’s warranty service on his Ferrari 458 Italia. Read his Ferrari warranty story.

The site is not affiliated with Ferrari in any way and provided as a public service to Ferrari owners across the globe.

Categories you can post about your experiences with Ferrari warranty service:

  • New Ferrari Warranty issues
  • Used Ferrari Warranty issues
  • Ferrari Recalls
  • Ferrari Warranty Service Accolades
  • Ferrari Dealer service department issues and ratings